Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Will the Gas Tax Avert a Crisis?

My first thoughts on the gas tax are this:

Meh. Gas tax. Tax = bad.

So it’s a good thing I don’t live in Canada. Their Hippie Party Green Party is calling for a 12-cent gas tax to help decrease usage of gas. Remember, they go by the liter up there.

Oddly enough, their Green Party is saying that this tax would help lower taxes on other things, but since they live in Canada, I highly doubt that. We face similar logic in Wisconsin when Jim Doyle keeps income taxes where they are while sticking us with less-visible taxes.

It sounds good to raise taxes on gas, cutting usage. But is a “gas diet” really what we need?

There must be some other way to solve this crisis. Better alternative fuel availability (using tax breaks for companies), for example. Heavy government research funding. Or lowering the gas tax, and allowing people to consume all they want until they get fat and collapse into themselves, forcing a country to move on before the global gas crisis hits us all.

Really, I’m interesting in hearing solutions other than “increase taxes.”

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  1. In other country gas is a necessity that is why there are so many Oil company who take advantage of this by increasing its price on the national market. So sad but the government can't do anything about this.