Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Step on the Migration to Internet News

I’ve written before that TV news is stupid and you shouldn’t watch it, and it looks like someone over at Time Warner actually agrees with me.  Well, somewhat.

CEO Richard Parsons says he worries more about CNN as a channel than as a website.  CNN is probably the number one news website available, edging out Drudge (where I ironically found this story) and definitely FoxNews.com.
CNN’s ratings have been on a steady decline since 2003, when it regularly got 689,000 households to tune in each day, to a low of 383,000 last year, according to Nielsen Media Research.
Fox News doubles its ratings, which means some interesting things for the news market - either people want more conservative news, or they want less liberal news.

Of course, I don’t see that happening in network news.

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